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I first picked up a camera many years ago, by coincidence—like many before me, I guess.


At that time I was traveling the world for a job that I didn’t fully understand, but which gave me the chance to explore some off-the-beaten-track places in what was then Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and Central Asia


But what was it that I liked about these places?


It took me years to partly answer this fundamental question, which still haunts me to this day.


Why not be a filmmaker in New York—or Rome, where I was born?


Certainly there are easier places to cover than Papua New Guinea, where I have spent the last seven years of my life: a country blessed with incredible natural resources and stunning beauty, but also suffering from the effects of a difficult, fragmented history.


I guess it’s the fascination with imperfection that pushed me to become a documentary filmmaker, one who wants to look at things that need improvement rather than at things already accomplished. At the end of the day, the striving towards a better “something”—better humans, a better society, a better world—tells a more interesting story than success.


Have I managed to do something meaningful with it? I don’t know.

There are still stories to tell.

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