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Driving the Changev presents Domil, a remote  highland village in Papua New Guinea,  where a community is trying to implement some of the UN's sustainable goals

Best Documentary Humanity Category

World Television Awards

The Wounded Healers follows Sister Lorena as she attempts to save the lives of women suffering sorcery-related violence in rural PNG by giving them shelter and helping them work through the trauma and turmoil that ensue.

The Last Mile

documents the devastation that followed a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck PNG, and highlights the importance of partnerships.

Fuzy-Wuzzy: Beyond the Legend takes us back to one of the fiercest battles of WWII along the Kokoda Track by speaking to the last known survivors of these historic events.

EU-PNG: 40 Years of Partnership

records the highlights of 40 years of cooperation between the European Union and Papua New  Guinea

In the Eye of the Storm follows two American pastors as they help  young men in Port Moresby  overcome a life of violence, addiction and poverty.

The best moments of Farming PNG  a series showcasing  the country's agricultural sector, its potential and challenges.

The Road Ahead offers a  look at the 2019 non-binding referendum for the independence of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Men of Honor is a series of documentaries looking at men leading the way to positive change in their communities.

I Malestanti is a follow up on the renowned Italian documentary Diary of a Teacher. Thirty years later, the protagonists of the film  still struggle.

Libero Bizzarri Prize

Cineforum 2004

Nico d'Alessandria, Un Delirante Insuccesso is the journey of a filmmaker in Italy, whose  artistic freedomis curtailed by the constant search for financing and visibility.

AICS Prize,  MaremmaDocFestival; Shortvillage Prize at Genova Film Festival

Special Mention of the Jury: Arcipelago International Festival of Short Films and New Images

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